Matsuricon Mayhem Tourney

01:00 pm - 08/26/2018

@ Hyatt Regency Columbus

350 N High St
Columbus OH  43215

FREE TO ENTER with Matsuricon Badge. Space limited, must pre-register:

Step 1: register online here:
Step 2: purchase Matsuricon Badge here: (weekend or Sunday pass)
Step 3: review tournament rules below and click "Going" on this event page

Presenting the 1st annual Galatune Mayhem Tourney, co-hosted by Matsuricon. FREE TO ENTER! with any Matsuricon badge. We even provide the cards so you don't need your own deck!

ALL AGE AND EXPERIENCE LEVELS WELCOME! New to Galatune? No worries! Stop by our booth anytime throughout Matsuricon to learn how to play.

1st place:
-surprise limited-edition art gift
-$100 cash
-official champion spotlight on Hall of Fame

-free 2019 Matsuricon Weekend Passes

Matsuricon 2018
Hyatt Regency Columbus
350 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Elimination Bracket.
4 players per battle.

For advanced tournament rules:

Win Conditions:
Each game will be played to 3 Victory Points. The winner at each table will advance to the Winners Bracket. All other players will be eliminated.

Tie-Breaker Rule:
In the event of a tie, each table will continue the game until a tie-breaking score is reached.

Conduct Rules:
This game is open to players of all ages. Please use language and behavior appropriate for children. Players who use foul language or aggressive behavior will be given a warning for the first offense, and then will be kicked out of the tournament and banned from future tournaments for a second offense.

All Dawn of Borrowed Light Starter Deck and Fan Expansion characters will be permitted. Players may select any available character and may change characters for each battle and for each respawn. Duplicate characters in each match are permitted.

Tournament Deck:
Includes all standard and expansion characters, and 2 copies of all Dawn of Borrowed Light starter deck cards and Cosmic Deception expansion cards -except for the following:

-004 Lucky Day: instant VP gain
-005 Grand Reaper: instant KO
-007 Jealousy: instant VP gain
-020 Comet Rain: high-damage field attack
-057 Ultimate Darkness: infinity attack
-058 Chords of Darkheart: easy field KOs
-066 Tidal Wave: high-damage field attack
-075 Robo-Army Onslaught: high-damage field attack

About Galatune
2-5+ Players
20+ min gameplay
ages 14+

Jump in and experience this new battle card game designed for fans of Super Smash Brothers and Overwatch. Simple enough for casual players and families new to tabletop, and yet rich enough strategy to challenge serious gamers.

Each player leads a Champion into battle to fight for knockout victory points. First to 3 knockout points wins, but Champions keep respawning so that everyone stays in the battle the entire time. The game also features an exciting battle system where everyone attacks simultaneously.

About Matsuricon

Matsuricon is an annual Japanese pop-culture event that focuses primarily on Japanese animation (known as "anime"), manga (Japanese graphic novels), and video games. We also showcase both American and Japanese popular culture, due to the natural overlap of fandom from both genres.

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